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Version française

The concept

Version Française is the very first independent bottler range exclusively composed of French spirits.

When it comes to spirits, France can boast an unrivalled history, expertise and diversity. With many new bottlings, whisky “made in France”, a category that is definitely on the rise, is naturally given pride of place.

Our values


The distilleries selected for the bottlings of Version Française are located all over France and produce unique whiskies with varied aromatic and taste profiles, ranging from fruity and delicate notes to peaty eaux-de-vie with strong personalities.

Our values

Quality and expertise

As always, the intrinsic quality of the whiskies remains at the heart of the selections made for the Version Française range by the team of La Maison du Whisky. With a solid experience in tasting, the experts at LMDW make it a point of honour to help whisky lovers discover their favourites, sourced from the best distilleries in France.

Our values


Finally, the aim of the range is to favour short circuits and to favour short circuits and sustainable development. Indeed, the Version Française range is dedicated exclusively to spirits produced in France, with a clear desire to support small local producers.