Uberach 2004

Initially matured from 2004 to 2016 in a Banyuls cask selected by Jean Metzger, head of whisky production at the Distillerie Bertrand Uberach, this version was then finished in a French new oak cask until September 2017, before being transferred to a 50-litre Dame Jeanne.

Tasting Notes

Distilled in 2003, at a time when France could claim only a dozen whisky producers, this deeply original whisky amazed the team of La Maison du Whisky in charge of the Version Française range during a recent trip to Alsace.

Tech sheet

Region : Grand Est

City : Val-de-Moder

Type of cask : Banyuls / New oak

Distillation date : 2003 (Vieillissement 2004)

Bottling date : 2022

Edition : VF028

Cask Number : 105

ABV : 48,8%

Number of bottles : 68

Peat : Light