Séquoia 2017

Founded in 2015 by Eric and Anne-Hélène Cordelle, the Vercors distillery produces a 100% organic whisky. The first distillation is carried out at low temperature in a stainless steel still designed by craft stillmaker Honoré SA and the second distillation in a copper Charentais still.

Tasting Notes

Remarkably concentrated, this version displays a particularly bright and nuanced palette of aromas and flavours, intensely malty, fruity and spicy.

Tech sheet

Region : Rhône-Alpes

City : Saint-Jean-en-Royans

Type of cask : Acacia

Distillation date : 2017

Bottling date : 2021

Edition : VF018

Cask Number : 288

ABV : 45,8%

Number of bottles : 320

Peat : no