Mandrin 2015

In 2015, Brasserie du Dauphiné, which specialises in the production of craft beers, called on the services of an itinerant distiller (Gaudet SAS) to distil and smoke two brews specially developed for whisky. Made from French barley and distilled in a 4-vessel still, the two whiskies will then be bottled under the MANDRIN brand, an adventure that will prove to be short-lived, but oh so tasty.

Tasting Notes

Its very dense aromatic and gustatory palette explores all the possible and imaginable nuances that peat can take on. The recurrent empyreumatic, animal and medicinal notes are proof of this. To this must be added a fruity and chocolatey smoothness as well as a very pleasant herbaceous freshness.

Tech sheet

Region : Rhône-Alpes

City : Saint-Martin-d’Hères

Type of cask : Rivesaltes

Distillation date : 2015

Bottling date : 2021

Edition : VF016

Cask Number : 3609

ABV : 57,7%

Number of bottles : 256

Peat : Light