La Piautre 2019 Petit Lot

This second small batch in the Version Française range has been distilled by La Fabrique des Bières d’Anjou, also known as La Piautre. A French brewery-malting-distillery nestled on the banks of the Loire, the factory is committed to producing artisanal, local whisky. It works with three farmers located within a 20 km radius. In 2013, it integrated a malting plant and began producing whisky. First with the help of an itinerant distiller and a COYAC still, then, since 2017 with their own Charentais-type still.
A blend of two juices that have been aged in turn in ex-Porter, Cognac and Bourbon casks, this cuvée stands out for its fresh expression and velvety mouthfeel.

Tasting Notes

Nose: White grape, dried apricot, tobacco, black tea, licorice.
Taste: Nutmeg, clove, camphor, lemon zest.
Finish: Noble wood, ripe fruit, spices, sumac.

Tech sheet

Region : Pays De La Loire

City : La Ménitré

Type of cask : PORTER

Distillation date : 2019

Bottling date : 2023

Edition : VF-PL02

ABV : 46%

Number of bottles : Calibri (Corps)

Peat : NO