Kornog 2007

Founded in 2005 by Martine and Jean Donnay, the Glann Ar Mor distillery quickly convinced the national and international audience by the quality of its production. Managed by the charismatic couple, the “Celtic distillery with a Breton heart” never ceases to amaze us with the accuracy and depth of its whiskies. Martine and Jean sold their distillery to Maison Villevert in 2020, becoming at the same time consultants for the latter.

Tasting Notes

Intensely peaty and delicately savoury, Kornog 2007 is nonetheless rich and fruity. Currant, candied apricot, bergamot and honey flavours mingle harmoniously with ash and roasted aromas.

Tech sheet

Region : Brittany

City : Pleubian

Type of cask : Sauternes

Distillation date : 2007

Bottling date : 2020

Edition : VF006

Cask Number : 13121

ABV : 57,7%

Number of bottles : 283

Peat : yes