Hepp 2014

Born into a family of distillers, René Hepp founded his craft distillery in the 1970s. After building its reputation with its fruit brandies, the Hepp distillery quickly became one of the key players in Alsatian whisky. Today managed by his grandson, Yannick, the Hepp distillery, which has been producing 100% Alsatian whisky since 2007, is renowned for the precision of its work, whether it be distillation or maturation.

Tasting Notes

The cask selected for this 7th bottling of VERSION FRANÇAISE is an ex-Banyuls from 2014 which combines the Alsatian mastery of distillation with the elegance of sweet wine from southern France. Aged in a Banyuls cask, this Hepp reveals a smooth texture and scents of cinnamon mulled wine. It releases pastry-like aromas of crème brûlée and cooked peaches as it is tasted.

Tech sheet

Region : Alsace

City : Val de Moder

Type of cask : Banyuls

Distillation date : 2014

Bottling date : 2019

Edition : VF007

Cask Number : 4546

ABV : 45%

Number of bottles : 258

Peat : no