Glann Ar Mor 2010

Created in 2005 in Pleubian by Martine and Jean Donnay, the Glann Ar Mor distillery, recently bought by Maison Villevert, has quickly established itself as a major player in the French whisky industry. It must be said that the founders, resolutely charismatic, have always been committed to producing artisanal malts of remarkable accuracy and depth. A style closely linked to their production tool: the famous Breton distillery is indeed equipped with a pair of direct heating stills and serpentine condensers. As for the cellar, which is located about a hundred metres from the sea, it contributes to developing the maritime character of Glann Ar Mor single malts.

Tasting Notes

This second Glann Ar Mor single cask selected for Version Française has been aged for a long time in second fill ex-bourbon casks. Compared to the first bottling of the range aged in ex-bourbon casks, the balance between the distillate and the ageing aromas brings out the maritime character which is the distillery’s signature.

Tech sheet

Region : Brittany

City : Pleubian

Type of cask : Bourbon

Distillation date : 2010

Bottling date : 2021

Edition : VF011

Cask Number : 16132

ABV : 51%

Number of bottles : 276

Peat : no