Domaine d’Espérance 17 ans d’âge Petit Lot

Located in Mauvezin d’Armagnac on the border of the Gers and Landes departements in the Grand-Bas-Armagnac region, Domaine d’Espérance was bought in 1990 by Claire and Jean-Louis de Montesquiou in order to be restructured and extended. Its 50 hectare vineyard is planted with 30 hectares of grape varieties reserved for wine and 20 hectares of folle blanche, baco 22 A and ugni blanc for distillation. Made from a blend of folle blanche and baco grapes, and coming from three vintage (2003, 2004 and 2005), this version reveals fruity and spicy aromas and flavours that rival each other in complexity and intensity. Venturing into the world of aromatic plants and spices, it boasts a strong and original personality.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich and concentrated. Wax, toffee, exotic (mango, yellow kiwi), vanilla, peach, apricot stone, clove and honeysuckle.
Palate: Lively and balanced. Curry, lemon, pine honey, almond, chocolate, fennel and toasted walnut.
Finish: Long and racy. Aromatic plants (chervil, sorrel), cinnamon, prunes, mocha vine peach and red tea.

Tech sheet

Region : Bas-Armagnac

City : Mauvezin

Distillation date : 2003-2004-2005

Bottling date : 2022

Edition : VF-APL01

ABV : 46%

Number of bottles : 1400

Peat : N/A