Domaine de Poutëou 1990

Located in Lannemaignan, in the heart of Bas-Armagnac, Domaine de Poutëou has belonged to the Tarbe family for over a century.

Tasting Notes

Aged in a 420-litre barrel made using local oak, this version shows a perfectly mature expression. Ripe, candied, exotic and autumnal fruits give rhythm to an aromatic and gustatory palette that is also intensely floral, chocolatey, spicy and finely wooded.

Tech sheet

Region : Bas-Armagnac

City : Lannemaignan

Distillation date : 1990

Bottling date : 2021

Edition : VF-A006

Cask Number: 47

ABV : 46,3%

Number of bottles : 300