Artesia 2018

The birth of the TOS distillery in 2017 remains closely linked to the much earlier birth of the Saint-Germain brewery. Founded in 2003 by Stéphane Bogaert, Vincent Bogaert and Hervé Descamps, the brewery allowed the 3 men to acquire an excellent understanding of brewing and fermentation, two key stages in the production of whisky. This knowledge proved to be a major asset when they decided to embark on the adventure of distillation. They bought a small Holstein column still and distilled a brew of Pilsen malt, using locally grown barley and long fermentation. Three years later, the whisky of the TOS distillery took the name of the region where it was born: in Latin, the old county of Artois is called ARTESIA.

Tasting Notes

Artesia 2018 is a particularly generous, malty and fruity whisky. An impeccable mastery of the brewing process and a long fermentation result in an elegant and exotic single malt. Its flavours are particularly well enhanced by the ageing in bourbon casks. The American oak adds notes of coconut and vanilla to a cocktail of exotic fruits (pineapple, kaki, yuzu).

Tech sheet

Region : Hauts-de-France

City : Aix-Noulette

Type of cask : Bourbon

Distillation date : 2018

Bottling date : 2021

Bottling date : VF012

Cask Number : 15/18

ABV : 50%

Number of bottles : 315

Peat : no