Alpenglow 2015

When the Brasserie du Dauphiné, based in Grenoble, decided to cease its own distillation activity, it did not wish to distance itself too much from the world of spirits and chose to launch the refining of peated distillate produced in Lorraine under the brand name ALPENGLOW. Only four whiskies, matured in Pineau des Charentes casks, have been produced under this brand for the moment, Version Française offers the first independent bottling bearing the name Alpenglow.

Tasting Notes

Produced by a famous distillery in Lorraine, this version bottled by Distillerie du Dauphiné was aged in a cask containing oloroso sherry before being matured in a cask containing Pineau des Charentes. Absolutely remarkable, it reproduces with great distinction peaty, ashy, medicinal, fruity, chocolate, floral and honeyed notes which give it an undeniable “old school” character.

Tech sheet

Region : Rhône-Alpes

City : Saint-Martin-d’Hères

Type of cask : Pineau des Charentes

Distillation date : 2015

Bottling date : 2021

Edition : VF015

Cask Number : 20

ABV : 50%

Number of bottles : 396

Peat : Medium