Castan 2017 – Brut de fût

With 70 years of family expertise in the elaboration of fruit brandies, Sébastien and Céline CASTAN started making whisky in 2010. They use local barley and age their products only using local wine barrels. It is the search for authenticity that leads them to keep their mobile still which, in the past, travelled the region for the distillation of fruits. Made up of 4 copper vessels and a small Stupfler rectification column, this still produces in one pass a light and elegant distillate that comes out at 80%vol. The distillate is then reduced before being put into the cask, which results in a 5% share of angels.

Tasting Notes

Castan 2017 Brut de fût is a whisky of rare elegance. The distillery’s unique still allows a delicate expression of peat to give way to notes of citrus, quince jam and white grapes.

Tech sheet

Region : Occitanie

City : Villeneuve-sur-Vère

Distillation date : 2017

Bottling date : 2022

Edition : VF021

Cask Number : 144

ABV : 48,1%

Number of bottles : 390